Loren Moore aka IDestiny came on Groove Loves Melody’s radar first with a funky, bass step remix of Bruno Mars’ hit, “Just the Way You Are”. Since then England-born, Dallas-based producer has released more remixes of several artists including Tegan and Sara, Jason Derulo, and fellow Dallas producer, Aaron Wayne. When he’s not remixing other artists, he’s working on and releasing original material. While on vacation with his own family, he took some time to share his holiday traditions.

What your family/friends tradition for holidays at the end of the year? If you don’t have a tradition, what was one of your most memorable and fun holiday gatherings (around that same time)?

Right now I’m in Boston for thanksgiving with my mother, sister and her boyfriend. For Christmas, my family and I live in different countries so depending on our plans with who is coming we all rendezvous in one place of choice for Christmas. This year we’ll be in France just outside Paris where my parents live. My family and I have too many things we do together but I wouldn’t necessarily call them traditions since when we’re together we’re all just being ourselves.

Any new books/e-books or films that you’re looking forward this holiday?

To be honest, I don’t watch TV or keep up to date with what’s being released so I don’t know.

Looking back through this year, what were some of your favorite performances of your own music

I haven’t technically started performing for IDestiny since I’ve been so focused on writing and producing, not just my work but for other artists as well.

What’s on tap for you in the first three months of 2014?

I’m finally going release my first EP and concentrate on promoting new official remixes that will get me the most exposure I can.

If 2013 will remembered for one thing, if would be_______.

Accepting reality and current situations and in time things will work out because I know what I’m doing is right!

Be sure to follow IDestiny on Soundcloud and Twitter. Also, be sure to catch our interview with him earlier this year for more about IDestiny!

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