Taylor Effin Cleveland was introduced to Groove Loves Melody readers first in a 2012 interview. Since then, he’s been working on his art and working a weekly DJ residency at The Gin Mill in Dallas. 2013 has been quite a year for Taylor, as he’ll explain in our Holiday Q&A.

What your family/friends tradition for holidays at the end of the year? If you don’t have a tradition, what was one of your most memorable and fun holiday gatherings (around that same time)?

Usually, with any holiday festivity, I will have different celebrations with different parts of my family. My family is split up, so I will do things like, dinner with my mom and my sister, lunch with my grandpa and aunt, brunch with my grandma, and I might stay the weekend at my other grandparents that live out of town.

Name a quintessential holiday recording for this time year and tell why that is special for you/your family?

I’ve never made any original holiday songs because I think the classics are perfect. Literally, perfect. Shouldn’t be remade, or tampered with. Haha!

Any new books/e-books or films that you’re looking forward this holiday?

Ummm, no not really. Once again, I like all the classics like The Rudolph claymation movie, and the One where the kid shoots his eye with a Bee bee gun.

Looking back through this year, what were some of your favorite performances of your own music?

This year I was really into DJing, and I actually just did a really fun silent disco show in Tennessee. That was a lot of fun!!

What’s on tap for your in the first three months of 2014?

I have a few new things lined up, like a new logo, and re-branding campaign, but I can’t say too much. [:

If 2013 will remembered for one thing, if would be_______

Personally it will be remembered as a big transitional year. I left Zhora, quit my job at Urban Outfitters, by the end of the year I will have completed 3 murals, I have become a resident DJ (which will soon change to new media artist) I have dealt with a ton of family things, and I have started school again. 2013 has been a big year testing my artistic abilities, but I feel that I have done a pretty good job keeping up with everything.

As far as 2013 in general? Probably the year of Trap music. It’s everywhere..

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