Continuing our Holiday 2013 series on Dallas area DJs/producers, Ricky Simpson aka DJ R9/Ricky Silk is no stranger to the Dallas scene. If you’re out and about in Dallas looking for someone to play techno grooves on vinyl, it’s a sure bet if R9 is on the DJ list. Let’s catch up with him now..for the holidays!

What your family/friends tradition for holidays at the end of the year? If you don’t have a tradition, what was one of your most memorable and fun holiday gatherings (around that same time)?

Nothing too extravagant, Just family dinners and get togethers

Name a quintessential holiday recording for this time year and tell why that is such a special project for you/your family?

I really like “Last Christmas” by Wham! Also, I think there is a old Orson Welles version of “O Holy Night” out there. Very powerfully sung in my opinion. Those are my Christmas picks.

Any new books/e-books or films that you’re looking forward this holiday?

I’m pretty cheesy with movies. I do like Cult classics and weirdo films but I’m more likely to go see a GI Joe and superhero action type flick first!

Looking back through this year, what were some of your favorite performances of your own music?

I don’t play live sets as far as my own music..maybe in the future 😉 This year I had a few nice sets with Stereo on Strike and some great underground parties!

What’s on tap for your in the first three months of 2014?

I’m slowly building my new studio so nothing much I can talk about at the moment. There is a Compilation coming soon of a Local Dallas label that is highly likely to feature one of my tracks on it …Lookout !

If 2013 will remembered for one thing, if would be_______

Mixing my ass off with vinyl records!

Follow R9/Ricky Slik on Soundcloud!

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