Aaron Wayne Leming is a currently a senior Journalism major at University of North Texas. Aaron is also gaining attention throughout and outside Dallas as a tech house music producer. He came to our attention earlier this year because of a IDestiny remix of one his tracks. Let’s take a look at what the holidays hold for Aaron Wayne.

What your family/friends tradition for holidays at the end of the year? If you don’t have a tradition, what was one of your most memorable and fun holiday gatherings (around that same time)?

I don’t celebrate any real traditions with my family, just the normal stuff like gathering with my parents and brother in Southlake, TX. We usually end up going to my grandparents house nearby on Christmas Day after opening presents.

Name a quintessential holiday recording for this time year and tell why its special for you/your family?

I’ve always listened to Burl Ives’ Christmas album around the holidays ever since I was a little kid. Also of course the Charlie Brown Christmas songs by Vince Guaraldi are a no-brainer.

Any new books/e-books or films that you’re looking forward this holiday?

“The Wolf Of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill looks fantastic. “Saving Mr. Banks” looks good too.

Looking back through this year, what were some of your favorite performances of your own music?

I still don’t do very much DJing but in October I played a show in Phoenix and Tulsa with DJ Bl3nd which was amazing. bl3nd’s crowds are always so energetic.

What’s on tap for your in the first three months of 2014?

Nothing super special. But I have a slightly different style in the works and have a ton of unfinished projects I will be releasing next year.

If 2013 will remembered for one thing, if would be_______.

2013 will always be the year of the “Animals” sound and a overall disappointing year for electronic music (with the exception of Mat Zo’s album)

Follow Aaron Wayne on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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