At Groove Loves Melody, we recognize that good music is being made right now. Music continues to be a part of our memories and the moments we create in the present. This is why we try not to lock ourselves into specific genres or time periods, but simply share good tunes we think you should hear. The site’s current contributors are based throughout the U.S. and London.

About JW Richard: Based in Dallas, TX, JW Richard began blogging and netcasting with the site Mandrake Society Radio from 2005 to 2010. JW Richard is also a vocalist and has performed with various a Capella, R&B, & gospel ensembles in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, Texas.

About the TuneCrush concept: You know how you have moments when you’re really “crushing” on a song–like that melody you keep singing or the dancing you do to the beat in your head? Maybe it’s even a song that you’ve heard before, but its meaning just became personal. That moment of “crushing” on a song is what the “Groove Loves Melody” ( or “GLM” for short) music site is about. Like songwriter, Georgia Anne Muldrow, states in her song, “Lo Mein”: “Just kiss me on a cold day, and that would be enough.“

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Let’s enjoy some music!

JW Richard, Editor