Video: Malkovich “Great Expectations”

Here's the official video from Malkovich for the title track of his project, Great Expectations, available at Bandcamp as a free download (It's one of the best 'free download' projects this year). The video was shot in from of Queensbridge Projects in New York. You can also follow Malkovich on Instagram at: MalkovichMusic.

Video: Lindsey Papion “Let Me Get That Up Out Ya”

"Now I'm rocking shows and stuntin' on hoes. No free T-Shirts, free downloads" I received a nice new Southern soul cut today in the emails. This track from Louisiana-based vocalist Lindsey Papion is mid-tempo soul with a sparse funk undercurrent. Looking at the video (especially considering the Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. speech excerpt), I … Continue reading Video: Lindsey Papion “Let Me Get That Up Out Ya”

Video: India.Arie “Just Do You”

It's the latest single off of Indie.Arie album, SongVersation, and it's a new video for the first track of the album, "Just Do You". I've always felt the spirit of Whitney Houston in this track. What say you? Enjoy. Check the GLM review of SongVersation from India.Arie.