Breathe Compilations 5th anniversary sampler (parts A & B)

Breathe Compilations is a netlabel out of Mexico. They've just released their 5th anniversary samplers, Inhala & Exhala, free download via their website and Internet Archive. Both discs features tracks by producers from around the world, and dabble in downtempo fusions of synth-pop, dub, trance, experimental, and classical. Take a listen to the tracks via … Continue reading Breathe Compilations 5th anniversary sampler (parts A & B)

TuneCrush: D.V.S* “Root Glen”

Brooklyn-based artist, Derek VanScoten aka D.V.S* brings soaring electric guitar and guest vocal production into his electronic music. The release, Hit The Clouds Running (on Austin-based Gravitas Recordings) features a well-blended set of songs from high energy to chill-wave. The track I've chosen as a TuneCrush is "Root Glen" because the musical production honestly makes … Continue reading TuneCrush: D.V.S* “Root Glen”

New unreleased track from Reaganometry

New from the (iN)Sect Records family in Austin, Texas, check out the new visual for the previously unreleased track, "Endangered Love Suite" by Reaganometry. Be sure to pick the 12' split with Reaganometry and Butcher Bear at Reaganometry "Endangered Love Suite" from iNSECT RECORDS on Vimeo.